PROJECT PERFORMING ARTS began its first day of DANCE, THEATER ARTS and DRUMMING, West African and Bucket classes on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

PPA instructors are arts educators, and performing and teaching artists from diverse professional backgrounds. With over 50 years combined teaching experience, in addition to 7 to 24 years working together as a creative team, PPA instructors strive to provide  children and teens quality performing arts experiences, and training.

Many Project Performing Arts classes and instructors are supported in class by the assistance of students from our Pre-professional program: IMANI Dance. It is the understanding that these young Pre-professional students are role models. They are the reflection of commitment, and display the discipline and responsibility of young professionals in the arts.

PPA is also supported by the presence of alumni who have established careers in the arts as educators, choreographers, directors, actors, dancers and musicians. These alumni return as instructors, master teachers, choreographers, and accompanists; they continue to be the inspiration for art experiences and art instruction in a child's life.